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We recommend...

Sims scissors

Price: 0.00 € + tax
200 vagy 230 mm, tompa

Products - Gynecology - Vaginal specula
Auvard lapoc
Auvard vaginal retractor

230 mm; 65x38-28 mm; 1,5 kg

Auvard lapoc

Simon feltáró lapoc
Simon retractor

Length 185 mm, 100x30 mm

Simon feltáró lapoc

Simon feltáró lapoc
Simon retractor

Length 270 mm, 115x27 mm

Simon feltáró lapoc

Doyen lapoc
Doyen retractor

Length 270 mm, different blade sizes

Doyen lapoc

Kristeller hüvely lapoc
Kristeller vaginal specula

Different sizes, in pairs and single, too.

Kristeller hüvely lapoc

Cusco tükör
Cusco vaginal specula

Different sizes. Also with suction or/and cold light.

Cusco tükör

Sims hüvely lapoc
Sims vaginal specula

Different sizes.

Sims hüvely lapoc

Breisky lapoc
Breisky vaginal specula

Head: 130 mm x 20; 25; 30; 35; 40 mm

Breisky lapoc

Jackson hüvely lapoc
Jackson vaginal specula

180 mm, 3 sizes

Jackson hüvely lapoc

Tuffier lapoc
Tuffier vaginal specula

Double ended

Tuffier lapoc

Grave hüvelytükör
Grave Specula

Different sizes, also with suction tube and fieber light

Grave hüvelytükör

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